All Accessories

All accessories
Buff Tape
Bubble wrap
Felt-Black, Colour
Fleshing knives
Animal jaw sets
Micro wax
Modelling tools
Needles (Straight, Half Curved, curved, S shape)
PH strips and indicator paper
Plastic micron per roll
T pins
Plated hanging brackets
Putty black and white
Resin Brushes/Rollers
Silicon Rubber & Catalyst
Latex rubber
Spoke Shaves & Blades
Surgical Blades & Holders
Surgical Gloves
Surgical Masks
Tempera powder paint
Waxed Twine
Winton & Newton Oil Paint
Wood wool

Packaging sizes:
Small 1kg 5kg.
Large 20kg-35kg.
Bulk 150kg 250kg.
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